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Crew member on GER6700 Varuna

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Since the start , where 5 minutes before the start gun we broke one of

the steering weels till today was busy and some jobs to do onboard

Varuna, sail changes,sail reparir sails, composite repair and in general

keeping the boat fast and in one pieze , nothing exceptional in a

offshore race like this one. Probably, as a offshore navigator the

course of this race in more stressfull and give you less rest as very

often you have to round some point , that mean change course and gears

to keep the boat fast , the interior is a bit messy with 12 crew in a 50

footer but we need the human power to fight agains the kanting keel

boats, sometimes I miss to press the red botton and start earaing the

noice of the hidraulic keel ramp moving some tons to the side, The last

few hours was a fast and easy sail downwind and we hope to keep like

that almost till the finish



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