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Crew member on GER5555 Bank von Bremen

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Many greetings from the Crew of Bank von Bremen

Yesterday evening we rounded Muckle Flugga and are happy to be on our way

back now. The beating in wet and windy conditions became tiring. In the

moment we are going upwind again but this time sun is shining. We have faced

already a number of technical problems. Just after the start we lost our

Gennaker pole and had to improvise. Due to deep broaching we had to send one

crewmember up to the top of the mast in heavy weather conditions.

Succesfullly we started running around south-east England. A two days

passage through the North-Sea brought us to the Lat. of 60-ies. We are

still in the game but have sometimes the feeling of being in a different

race than our competitors because of different weather conditions.


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