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Crew Member on GBR 5236 Rare

Back into another weather system we go... Seems like the lovely 10-15kts that we had yesterday have been long gone. We had a little motivation boost as once we tacked at Norway we were headed straight for Mukkle! It was rather strange having everything on the opposite side... After 4 days you get used to things!

Day 4 ended with a little laughter when Ian dove head first into the bunk and once the oilies were off he fell asleep in what would normally be defined as the reversed position.

Ps. James, keep on fighting buddy we're rooting for you up here.

Day - 5
Awoke to Ian tacking the boat whilst my bunk was still in the upwind position, ie i ended up on the side of the boat in a state of disarray. This tacking nonsense continued until I could untangle myself from the bag. It was worth it though as we had reached the most northerly point in the UK, and it was spectacular! What made it even better (should have thought about it earlier) was we had phone signal and could touch base with friends and family.

It all ended too soon with Shetland Coastguard forecasting force 5/6 and maybe more, oh and did I mention all upwind?? That also meant a Jib change and getting wet :( but atleast the boat is more manageable now.

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