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Crew on IRL3607 Lula Belle

Day 2

We are really getting hammered by the strong winds. Brian seen 40's again today. We have had our nav tri light blown off the mast and took the wind index with it. This not only means we can not tell wind strength and direction. But we can not use auto pilot to wind. This makes sail changes much more difficult.

We also had our new main sail tear today. Not to big I think we will be able to repair it.

Life on board has settled into our 2 hours on 2 off routine. It's amazing how quickly time passes in this system.

But with winds above 30 all the time everything on board is physically very difficult. Walking around cooking even sleeping is like been in a tumble dryer.

Can't wait for tomorrow. Let's hope no more breakages.

Day 3

We managed to cover 170 miles yesterday despite all the breakage. Today the wind has dropped to the more manageable 20's. We had to stop for an hour and repair the. Main sail.

wave direction and tides seem to turn against us today

Only 125 miles covered today. Not a productive day.


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