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Crew on GBR 2722 Rleentless on Jellyfish

The crew are all fine. The boat is holding up very well and proving very robust.

The boat was slamming uncomfortably into the waves. So we changed course to go SE onto a reach and then downwind NE and then NW. This has given us time to consider our options. We have done a thorough review of ourselves, the boat, the options and the weather. We have established already in the race that the boat is fine going downwind in 45 knots with a headsail. It runs in a very stable manner and feels safe. We know the wind will turn to the North this evening. So as the wind veers to the North, we are planning to go down with the wind. This way we will stay in 30 knots until this evening and then by the time the bigger wind arrives we will be running downwind which we can do safely.

At present Relentless is carrying on racing. We are monitoring the weather and we are holding the option to run to Orkney or Stornaway if it gets worse.

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