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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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British Soldier RB&I Race Report 6

As at 0336 Sat 16 Aug

We are at the top! after a lot of beating and some flukey winds we arrived at Muckle Flugga around 1630! The equivalent of 1 Fastnet down with 2 to go. Morale has been lifted with the opportunity to use our phones and check in with loved ones (apart from the driver - the luckless skipper). Also in light airs there has been a chance for a wash and a change of clothes. Most of the tidying below has been sorted although Phil's 'Eagle's Nest' (skipper's quarterberth) seems to have gone unattended. The crew also enjoyed their second bottle of champagne, and clocked the 10,000th mile on British Soldier, which was quite a moment for Phil and Will.

Since then the wind has gone west and up to 25 knots. We are sailing close to the wind under J4 and 2 reefs and are fairly hard pressed in some bumpy seas . Down below has returned to swamp - a large item is floating at my feet under the chart table, not sure what. Spray is flung from bow to stern and even somehow flicks 180 degrees down the hatch - irksome to say the least! The wind looks set to blow over the next few days so we are bracing ourselves for more of these delights!

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