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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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British Soldier Update,

The crew have made good time since the last update, they are approx. 40

miles from black rock in second place and only 4 miles behind the other IRC

2 boat to at this late stage all is to place for over the next few days.

The forecast is for lighter winds for the next 24 hours than they have

really had for the whole race with a mild GF5 dropping to a 3-4 tomorrow

(tuesday). This will hopefully allow then to get a few hours kip to

recharge the batteries and sort any running repairs they may have to make

to boat or crew.

The 7 days since the start will have the crew tired and aching from

constantly being bettered and drenched and fighting to keep the boat alfoat

and on course, they have achieved a truely impressive piece of sailing.

Nothing has been heard from the boat so we assume that they are

concentrating on picking up the 4 miles between them and Relentless who

managed to catch up this afternoon.

The crew have been sailing for 7 days in strong and recently Gale Force

winds, having rounded the Outer Hebredies and are now heading for the West

Coast of Ireland. They have been constantly battered in this race,

especially since the Hebredies in solid Force 8 winds. They are making

their down the West coast of Ireland, then across towards the Lizard and

down the English channel to finish in Cowes, they are currently in 2nd

place in the IRC 2 and 7th overall in an International fleet of

professional and very good amateur racers. A lot of the yachts have retired

including the Sir Robin Knox Johnson.

British Soldier is skippered by a junior Capt, Phil Caswell and is manned

by acrew of youngsters. Their watch system, with only 5 crew on board means

they mainly will sleep on deck getting smashed by the waves.

They have 650 miles to go and depending on the wind will finish in 5-6 days


As Sailing Secretary, I would like to say how proud I am of their


Lt Col (Retd) Alan Flavell MBE

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