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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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As at 2100 Tues 19 Aug

Dolphins, Spinnakers and sun! So the weather has finally turned in our

favour and we had an early start with all crew on deck to pop the A5 and

then the A2 spinnaker. We gradually got into routine and have managed to

dry out significantly. The salt water strip washes are not for the faint

hearted though! Phil's elite athlete stature was unfortunately seen by

all! Skippers toothbrush also got used for second time of the trip, first

being to try to clean salt from satphone circuit boards. Will has seen his

feet for the first time in 4 days - stage 1 trenchfoot is an

understatement! Barnsey has been working on his mahogany tan and generally

looking gorgeous although very Zoolander. Joe has had a hard day trimming

and holds the record for most ginger nuts eaten in one day. George has

avoided aquatic life today however his aroma seems to have attracted many

dolphins. Some great footage has been taken on the new ASA GoPro (Thanks

Alan). Lunch today was a lovely chorizo and pasta with a garlic and tomato

sauce by Will "Gordon" Naylor. Yum! What is not yum is the immense smell of

feet in the cabin as everyone is drying their socks out.

Bottle of champagne at westerly point this evening. All recovered after a

day sleeping and minimum manning on deck to trim the kite and steer. Ready

for the next few days of hard trimming, reading the wind and driving

carefully. All in a day of sun, dolphins, drying out and a bit of recovery

ready for the final push.


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