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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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As at 0600 Thu

The wind frustrated us all of Wednesday. With the promise of 10 knots now

and again, but mostly staying at 5-8, we have had our two spinnakers and

the No.1 Jib up and down in a bid for boatspeed. Thanks to Team Army our

new A2 looks great and is giving us every last drop of boat speed we can

gain. Our slow progress has worried us, with the knowledge of Relentless

hot on our heels. Meanwhile, crew are taking on a gradually more unkempt

appearance. "Beardwatch" is a full time activity. George's Zoidberg wisp is

coming along well; Barnesy has cultivated a ratty looking

number; Will resembles a spanish drug smuggler, Joe's looks like the Team

America Arab disguise - he is now known as "tufty", and the skipper's

mexican tache is thickening daily. Our wispy beards and wild hair is now

often paired with manical wild eyed bouts of hysterical laughter that occur

regularly, over things that are perhaps not that hysterically funny. And we

have run out of Ribena which has caused much angst among the younger

members of the crew.

Much sleeping has occurred thanks to calm conditions, which is seemingly

not able to relieve the fatigue that is affecting us all now, perhaps as a

result of the lull in the weather and general lower stress conditions.

Ration consumption is high now due to boredom and the luxury of two extra

man's rations; the daily haribo issue is consumed by 0900 every morning;

and so for the loved ones expecting us to lose a few pounds on this trip,

you may be in for a disappointment... !


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