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Crew member on GBR5236R Rare

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Hi all,

Things are cooling down finally here after an earlier error. not hard to Do When completely nackered After barely sleeping The night Before by playing with The TSS and a number of sail changes. ah Well, The God's will decide What Will happen.

Other Then thAt, Things Are Great on board and We Have made The Best of The Good weather and spring cleaned The boat. I Say We, It Was more Ian As I Was stuck to The helm As We Still Don't Have an autopilot.few Other Things Have broken making life That bit less comfortable such As The Now missing wind wand, dodgy keyboard (typing This On The Samsung pad) and The seemingly endless supply of The slightly less favourite meal The yellow Curry. Still The All day breakfast Is keeping morale up As I sign This Off to tend to The Lunch of steak and vegetables.


- Don't forget to Keep supporting CLIC On Just giving (RARE) you Can Also access This link Though Our Facebook page (RAREyachting)

- All Welcome to see the finish Hopefully Tomorrow afternoon.It's easy for You to check, Look up The race On yellow brick.



ps we have had a fantastic afternoon run, gobbling the miles


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