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Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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British Soldier RB&I Race Report 6

As at 0336 Sat 16 Aug

We are at the top! after a lot of beating and some flukey winds we arrived at Muckle Flugga around 1630! The equivalent of 1 Fastnet down with 2 to go. Morale has been lifted with the opportunity to use our phones and check in with loved ones (apart from the driver - the luckless skipper). Also in light airs there has been a chance for a wash and a change of clothes. Most of the tidying below has been sorted although Phil's 'Eagle's Nest' (skipper's quarterberth) seems to have gone unattended. The crew also enjoyed their second bottle of champagne, and clocked the 10,000th mile on British Soldier, which was quite a moment for Phil and Will.

Since then the wind has gone west and up to 25 knots. We are sailing close to the wind under J4 and 2 reefs and are fairly hard pressed in some bumpy seas . Down below has returned to swamp - a large item is floating at my feet under the chart table, not sure what. Spray is flung from bow to stern and even somehow flicks 180 degrees down the hatch - irksome to say the least! The wind looks set to blow over the next few days so we are bracing ourselves for more of these delights!

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Member of Support Team of Relentless on Jellyfish

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*Relentless Crew Update*

by Chris Radford

Got this message by text from Relentless sent at 10.38 this morning

*JJ boat and crew safe and well. on J4 making for kilda. Tom*

Also just had another text at 1300 confirming all fine.

Crew member on GBR8191R British Soldier

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British Soldier has made good progress through some foul weather over the

last 12 hours. They have passed the next waypoint, due north of Stornaway

and are approx. 30 miles behind the leader of the IRC Class 2 - good going

for the conditions.

The next 18 hours will be pretty tough (swell between 5 and 9 metres)for

them as the wind remains GF7-8 until about midnight tonight. There will

probably not be an update from the boat until this weather system passes

and they have had time to sort themselves out.

Member of Support Team of Relentless on Jellyfish

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The weather update this evening shows the weather for the next 36 hours

will be much as expected earlier today. There is a low 988mb currently

centered west of Shetland 60 55.00N 003 45.00W. This is expected to

track east to be centered over Stavanger by 2200 on Sunday.

Metoffice buoys K5 are currently showing 18 knots at 280 and K7 is

currently showing 30 knots at 320. This shows the expected situation

emerging. the wind is lighter near the cyclonic centre of the low and

stronger on the edge of the low. The wind at K7 has veered NW as well as


You can check the current wind strengths and wave heights at Metoffice

buoys via this wind chart

As the low goes east the isobars get a further compressed to the west of

the low and this will produce northerly winds with a base level of 30-35

knots and gusts of 40-45 knots. The wave heights are currently showing as

4.0m on K5 and 5.3m on K7 and this is expected to build to 6.2m wave height

by 1400 on Sunday.

The metoffice is reporting winds Force 6 to 8 with a severe gale 9 at

times. This forecast is consistent with these wind strengths. They also

report sea state will go from rough to very rough (4m-6m) and occasionally

sea state high (6m-9m). The wave models suggest that the sea state may

touch the definition fo high (6m-9m) but it will be at the lower end around


The wind has started veering round from SW to NW. It is expected to be

firmly in the NW by 0400 Monday and then continue veering to be N by 1000.

the strongest winds seem to be expected between 1000 and 1800 on Sunday.

These winds will be from the N and will be behind the boats still racing.

From Midnight Sunday the wind should start to drop quite rapidly and will

be under 25 knots by 0600 Monday morning and will continue to decline

through the day to 15 knots in the afternoon. From 0200 on Monday expect

the wind to start backing to NW as well as declining in strength.

Dessert, Lula Belle, Saga, British Soldier, Relentless, Rare and Palpatine

are sailing into the teeth of this and will be in for a rough night. But

as the wind goes behind them it will help a bit.

Bank von Bremmen are sailing out of this and should escape the worst.

Swish and Haspa are past the worst of this now and on their way to Ireland.

My next chance to update will be Sunday late evening by which time the

storm will be going away.

Chris Radford

Crew member on NED7576 La Promesse

Race Committee,

It is with great regret that we have to retire from the race. :-(

Despite the whole village of Stornoway willing to help we have not been able so far to repair the main in such a way that we can rejoin the race and, more important, pull the throttle to the level of racing.

We'll spent today preparing the boat for her delivery back to homeport and expect to leave Stornoway monday morning early heading for Bishop rock through the Irish Sea.

We have noted the race in our mental log's as `unfinished business' and will try to come to the start in four years.

The disappointment is there. But manned with huge portions of fresh scallops and a solid Scottish breakfast this morning.

Regards, and back to channel sixteen,

JanKees & Bart

o/b La Promesse

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