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Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race - 10 August 2006 - Afternoon Web Report

10 August, 2006 3:44:00 PM BST | Racetime 02:21:44:00

After 24 hours of hard beating to windward up the west coast of Ireland that Solune's navigator and renowned meteorologist described as "a bit like driving too fast down a road of potholes,' the leading boats have eased sheets on port tack for a long leg to Muckle Flugga. Jonny Malbon's Artemis Ocean Racing maintained her lead over J-P Chomette's Solune at just over 26 miles and the two are currently drag racing with Ger O'Rourke's Chieftain-Kingspan, a hot favourite for corrected time honours in IRC Division A, leading the rest of the chasing fleet.

The good news from Phil Sharp's Pogo 40,, is that they rejoined the race just after midday after effecting repairs to their forestay in Cork. However, for the ten girls on Global Yacht Racing EH01 it's going to be a testing few hours as they head to Cork to repair a broken upper shroud. Skipper Emily Pearson telephoned race control at midday saying that she had been up the rig twice in horrendous 35 knot winds - but couldn't do anything about the sheered wire. The crew are safe and in remarkably good spirits and will rejoin the race once a suitable repair has been made.

Further damage in the fleet have included Philippe Falle's Puma Logic who lost their steering for about an hour after a cable disconnected and Ger O'Rourke's Kingspan-Chieftain that suffered damage to her number three genoa whilst across the fleet there are numerous sea-sickness casualties as the lumpy three metre swell takes effect. No problems aboard Gourmet Sailing Jeu d'Esprit of Clem Jones who are looking forward to their Thai Green Curry this evening although we understand the "onion-chopping watch" was a gruelling session as the boat pitched in the heavy seaway!

Over the coming 24 hours the crews can expect more of the same with Mike Broughton from saying: "The lead boats are experiencing strong north westerly winds of between 23-33 knots coming from Iceland and the sea state is adding to the discomfort of beating into this head wind with waves of about 3 meters. Ocean weather buoys in the vicinity are showing 25 knots north westerly. These conditions are likely to remain the same for a while possibly until Saturday morning.

As the race progresses the RORC will continue to bring daily updates and position reports from the boats highlighting the highs and lows of this premier coastal yacht race. All yachts competing in the Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race have been fitted with a tracking device developed by the RORC in conjunction with OC Technology. Yacht positions will be updated hourly and can be followed on the Royal Ocean Racing Club's dedicated micro site that has already attracted over two million hits since the race began, accessed via

Quotes from the boats:

Kingspan Chieftain - Chieftain's navigator Jochem Visser
"It is really uncomfortable down below and really wet on deck, it is pretty wet down here as well as I lost the battle to stay on the toilet this morning, I won't go into any details but it was quite messy! We also had some problems with the code 3 jib which blew the tack shackle off and damaged the luff tape. After a few hours stitching it is all back together now. "

Solune - Chris Tibbs
After a bouncy night we passed Black Rock this morning (10th) 0905. We have also noticed that an inflatable Dan buoy has been washed off the pushpit. It is named and if sighted it is not an emergency. I will attempt to inform the local coastguard. All well on board but a bit like driving too fast down a road full of potholes. We had the moon for most of the night and some passing Cumulus clouds adding gusts to the wind. Nothing much changed this morning except we can see the potholes but still cannot avoid them all!

Magnum 2
During the 3-6 watch this morning we saw the light of Fastnet Rock. At Last Ireland was in sight. We have tacked our way up the rhumb line for Great Skelling during the night and as I type this we are passing outside of Bantry Bay. It's still lumpy and the boats motion just a tad uncomfortable so this will be short. Bad luck for the boats that have had to retire - it really could have been any one of us.

Aquis Granus
"First of all: everything ok out here! The adventure food did not prove to be the expected challenge - No complaints on that side. With the wind directly on the nose for more than 24 hours on board everything is wet and smelly. We take as well our motivation and frustration from the GER5500 Norddeutsche Vermoegen. Just imagine - some 24 germans on more or less one place and no beer around, incredible! So, now we hope that we soon may bear away a little bit. T hat may increase the comfort on board significantly and we may start some maintenance on the yacht - For example repairing the computer keyboard.

Jeu d-Esprit - Gourmet Racing Team
Tuesday was pretty civilised - we spent most of the day enjoying the sun (including the herb garden, which made it out onto the coach house for a few hours). After spending most of Monday night's watches Velcro-ing my hair to my jacket, I chopped a few inches off the pony tail to see if that helped. My co-opted hairdresser sloped off for a nap instead so I just sat on the transom and did it myself with my Leatherman scissors. We watched the sunset over the Lizard eating Barney's Moroccan lamb with rice - that was preceded by a fresh mackerel starter from fish caught and cooked by the skipper! We've got Thai green curry tonight - with chicken I think. Sorry to hear about Team Ebersbacher retiring with a damaged forestay - we think we just saw them on their way back. They hailed on channel 16 asking if we could relay a message to RORC so the skipper rang on our satellite phone. Sorry to hear about Puma Logic having a casualty yesterday - the worst I've had to cope with so far is requests for plasters and sea sickness tablets and Ed's stiff neck - he's on a promise of a massage for later, since he came equipped with his own oil! The winter hand warmers from my hill first aid kit have come in handy in the meantime. We've found the barley sugars, which makes a nice change from chocolate - well, they are travel sweets and we are travelling...We've got the usual teleporting kit problems - every boat must have this: you get something out ready to use or wear, like sunglasses, put it down while you do something else and them it's vanished when you go to pick it up again. Very mysterious! No dolphins yet though. 50 degrees 26.7 mins N, 8 degrees 5.5 mins E at 15:07.

Morning update from Sailing Logic's Allie Smith
Puma Logic have gone way west I presume searching for better conditions and more favourable wind direction. They seem to have tacked back in now, so hopefully they can start laying the track again. They haven't called in today as yet. Meanwhile Jaguar have called in this morning to say that they have had most of the crew suffering from seasickness for the last 24 hrs but it is abating now and there is sign of life again. They are currently heading due North and skipper Pete is tucking into a steaming bowl of hot porridge. They have had a few minor technical issues during the night including a broken Genoa lead car but have managed to fix that with some ingenuity. They are still smug in the knowledge that they can use as much loo roll as they want ".

Afternoon update from Puma Logic.
"Have had a tough night with lots of seasickness in crew. Lost steering for an hour during the night when cable came off the quadrant, probably a throw back to having the rudder taken out on Monday just a few hours before the race start. Nothing broken. They headed south for an hour or so whilst it was fixed as couldn't use the emergency steering as they needed the rudder loose to reattach everything. All is well now and skipper just about to take a nap. I think he might just deserve it."

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